How To Keep Parasites From Eating Your Insides?

Parasites can’t live in an alkaline environment

What do pH and parasites have to do with one another? The human body has a normal pH (at the intracellular level) of around 7.4. This is slightly alkaline. Parasites( unfriendly bacteria) such as: viruses, protozoa, amoebas and microscopic worms, cannot live in a pH of 7.2 to 7.4. In the United States, we have a diet that produces high levels of acid. This is called acidosis. It is a major underlying cause to many diseases. It also allows parasites to run rampant through your body. In order to be healthy, you’ll need to restore balance to your body. Over time, everything we consume either keeps our bodies in an acidic state or a base state (alkaline). Processed sugars and starches,  are some of the prime offenders in the acidification process. Natural sugar sources have minerals and vitamins in them. Fruits start out as acids but contain minerals to help cells turn those acids into alkaline by products; processed sugars do not.   When these sugars are consumed, they release acid into the body.   The body becomes more acidic when we consume sugar and starch.

Acidic Ph

Acidic pH at the intracellular level becomes a breeding ground for parasites. It also causes a mutation of friendly intestinal flora. This condition is called candidiasis. Candida is natural yeast that is found in the intestine.This natural yeast is contained by friendly bacteria that reside in the body. However, with the overuse of sugar and the introduction of antibiotics, these friendly bacteria will become less prevalent. Candida will mutate and grow out of control. Candida symptoms include uncontrollable sugar cravings, chronic yeast infections, acne, dry skin, fatigue and frequent sinus infections. Parasites can also thrive when Candida does. This happens because the friendly bacteria are not there to keep them in check. Worms that would normally pass through the body attach to the intestinal walls. Parasites can destroy cells faster than they can be regenerated.  They also create toxic substances. These toxic substances can lead to allergic reactions and can cause you to develop new food allergies. Parasites also irritate and invade body tissues such as intestinal lining and skin. The parasites make it difficult for the tissues to operate correctly. Over time, organ obstructions can develop.  This can put pressure on your body organs and overall body functions. The immune system becomes oppressed preventing your body from healing itself. Finally, the overabundance of parasites in the body can cause you to become malnourished. By following the pH diet you can restore the balance to your body.

Parasites cannot live in a alkaline environment

Parasites cannot live in a alkaline environment

The alkaline diet will help to reverse the acidification process and kill off the organisms that invade and destroy red blood cells. The pH miracle diet restores balance to body. Excess acidic foods can lead to a host of problems. Among other benefits, following the pH miracle diet can also reduce your tendency to harbor dangerous parasites in your system that can wreak havoc on your health. See our articles on Alkaline Water, Alkaline Diet & ph.

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